All families in the community are well supported and have access to quality Early Childhood Education and Care for their children. 


To nurture every individual child to reach their full potential through education, play and contribution to our community. 


  • We provide a secure, caring, nurturing and inclusive environment with the highest level of care and education for every child. 
  • We encourage and value families’ culture, language and input.
  • We support all possible learning and growing opportunities for children.
  • We implement a diverse program ensuring that we always reflect individual and group needs.
  • Through ongoing observations and evaluations our staff provide rich and meaningful experiences. 
  • Play is the best medium for learning in the early years, and we believe children learn as they experiment, investigate, discover and reflect. 
  • We value positive encouragement and understand that healthy development is supported when families and educators hold high expectations for a child’s learning. 
  • We are committed to continuing improvement and professional development of staff